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We turn data into tangible solutions

Who we are

For us, "data first" is not just a phrase; it's the strategic foundation for our DIY service ecosystem. With our integrated data platform, we access over 80 million purchase transactions every year. In addition, we collect customer feedback from various data sources. Our goal is to develop useful services for our customers that offer them great added value. The same applies to our colleagues in the OBI stores. With us, you don't work in a generalist way but are an expert in your field.

How we work

Our Data department is divided into three teams:

The data engineers ensure that our data pipeline is functioning and continue to expand our data warehouse. With a sustainably built tech stack and many interfaces to our technical areas, they ensure that our services and products receive and deliver correct data.

The data analysts work in fixed, cross-functional teams and contribute important insights for our service and product development with their data-based analyses. Our extensive customer data base facilitates this work.

The data scientists work primarily on the development of new services and products. Together with other teams, they use artificial intelligence and machine learning methods to develop new ideas for our customers and to support our colleagues. They implement the resulting AI products themselves.

See for yourself

This is how big data works at OBI next
This is how big data works at OBI next
Project highlights
Use case detection
Use case detection

How can we support our customers even better in their DIY projects? This is the question our data scientists are currently asking themselves. Based on the activities of our customers in the heyOBI app, we want to be able to recognize which project they are currently working on and suggest helpful products, services and tips. Machine learning methods from the areas of clustering and classification, as well as similarity measures, are used for this purpose.

What your colleagues say...
Head of Data Science

"I think it's great that we don't just talk about AI and machine learning, but actually do it. Of course, sharing ideas with our colleagues plays an important role. At OBI, we don't develop AI solutions alone 'in the quiet,' but we work on them together."

Our values


Gain in-depth insights into different areas, such as the product range, store, app or e-commerce, and constantly expand your expert knowledge. Be there from the start and shape the DIY market of the future with us.


Learn new things and keep your expertise up to date. Whether you're collaborating with universities and startups, attending conferences or meeting up with other data enthusiasts, we support your initiatives.


Work in a fast-changing environment and make decisions that are implemented immediately. Your insights are integral to projects – from conception to implementation.


Our primary goal is to resolve the diverse issues of the product owners. To achieve this, we also try out new and innovative approaches, such as design thinking or artificial intelligence methods.


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