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Who we are

As project and process managers, we support teams in all possible areas at OBI. We define clear goals and develop plans for how to reach them. We work in a structured way, but remain flexible and adapt to changing conditions. We always take our stakeholders with us and benefit from their different perspectives. For us, project management is not an end in itself, but we also dive deep into the content of our DIY ecosystem in order to create added value for our customers.

How we work

Collaboration on an equal footing with other specialists and teams is our priority. We bring an extensive toolbox of different methods and skills with us and are constantly developing. Depending on the goal of the project, we decide for ourselves which methods are best suited. In doing so, we constantly reflect on ourselves and take responsibility for the success of our projects. With other teams, we organize sharing sessions and create important interfaces, among other things.

Project highlights
Entwicklung, Rollout und Implementierung des Beratungscenters
Entwicklung, Rollout und Implementierung des Beratungscenters

Um unsere Markt-Kolleg:innen dazu zu befähigen, den OBI Kund:innen ein noch besseres Einkaufserlebnis zu bieten, haben wir das „Beratungscenter“ entwickelt. Dieses digitale Tool vereint zukünftig alle bestehenden Mitarbeiterprogramme unter einem Dach und vereinfacht für unsere Kolleg:innen die tägliche Arbeit. Heute arbeiten bereits 5.000 User:innen im Beratungscenter und wir schalten sukzessive weitere Rollen und Märkte auf. Bis Ende 2022 werden ca. 17.000 Mitarbeiter:innen in Deutschland und Österreich das neue Tool nutzen. Das Projektteam setzt sich aus verschiedenen OBI Bereichen vom Vertrieb über das Projekt- & Prozessmanagement bis hin zur technischen Produktentwicklung zusammen. Dabei sorgt ein stetiger Austausch zwischen den Kolleg:innen der Zentrale mit den Marktmitarbeiter:innen dafür, dass mit dem Beratungscenter ein nutzerorientiertes, modernes Tool mit state-of-the-art Technologie entsteht. Neben der Produktentwicklung arbeiten die Kolleg:innen u. a. daran, bestehende Prozesse anzupassen und neue Rollenkonzepte zu definieren. Letztlich ist der Roll-out – einschließlich der Schulungen unserer Marktkolleg:innen – ein entscheidender Bestandteil für den Erfolg und die langfristige Implementierung des Beratungscenters bei OBI. Rundum ein gelungenes Projekt, das für Mitarbeiter:innen und Kund:innen alles machbar macht!


Not all customers have the right DIY skills to realize their own wishes in the home and garden. And that's exactly why we are constantly developing the OBI handyman service "MachbarMacher" and testing and implementing new ideas to inspire more and more customers. In addition, we simplify processes for our employees in the OBI stores, for our office and field staff, and for our craftspeople's businesses – while always keeping our overriding goal in mind: customer satisfaction.

What your colleagues say...

Lead Project Manager

"Projects at OBI next are a great opportunity to play a key role in shaping fundamental issues for the future of OBI. The working environment is a unique combination of agility and the power of a group."

Project Manager

"Working with the various development teams and many other interfaces always requires a view from different perspectives. This makes my work highly varied. I can manage my projects independently, bring in new ideas and especially appreciate the open exchange with my teammates and beyond."

Our values


Changing framework conditions are not an obstacle for us, but a challenge to be mastered. We always remain flexible and open to new perspectives.


In order to develop an innovative service ecosystem for our customers with concentrated know-how, we organize ourselves into agile, cross-functional teams. This shortens coordination paths, makes projects more versatile and speeds up implementation.


We approach our projects like experienced craftspeople and find pragmatic solutions. If you have good ideas, OBI gives you the space to develop them.


In our projects, we always focus on the result: creating added value for our customers. When we turn ideas into action, they are available to millions of people.


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