Your application

What do I need for an application?

A tabular resume is sufficient for your application. Alternatively, you can apply with your LinkedIn or XING profile.

What should a convincing resume look like?

In order for us to get a good overview of you and your skills, your resume should include the following information: any positions where you have worked (period of time, job title, company, team size) with a few key points about the tasks and responsibilities; your education or studies, including your area of emphasis; your (technical) skills and methods and possibly short descriptions of individual relevant projects.

What does it mean if my application is rejected?

It is very important to us to give you feedback. That's why we try to communicate rejected applications personally after an interview and also give reasons. We never evaluate you personally, but only whether your skills match the specific requirements of the position. A rejection does not mean that you are not a good fit for OBI, but simply that you are not suited to the position at that moment. You are therefore welcome to apply again at a later date or for another position.

What do I wear to an on-site or video interview?

We don't have a dress code. So feel free to just wear an outfit you feel comfortable in.

What comes next after my application is accepted?

If everyone agrees that we are a good match, you will receive a contract offer. Our business partners will call you and clarify the details of the contract with you, such as the salary. After that, our works council is informed about the hiring and approves it. You will then receive a draft contract by e-mail, which you can review at your leisure. If everything fits, you will receive the actual signed contract by mail.

How does the second round work?

In order for you and OBI to get to know each other even better, we will invite you to our "Bar-Raiser" day. This has been taking place online, of course, during the pandemic. On this day, you will get to know various colleagues with whom you would later work, such as team members, HR employees and managers. You will have 60 to 90 minutes to exchange ideas with them. This also includes specific technical topics. It's best to be prepared to briefly introduce yourself to each colleague so they know who they're dealing with. And of course, bring your questions! After this day, everyone involved should have a good feeling about whether it will work together in the long term.

What can I expect in the first interview?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most of our interviews are currently taking place online. You will receive a participation link by e-mail. The purpose of the interview is for all participants to get to know each other and to clarify open questions. Honesty is especially important to us. So feel free to be open – and so will we. We are especially interested in your previous experience, your motivation and your way of working.

How long does the selection process take?

We make every effort to make the selection process as efficient as possible. It usually takes about three weeks in total.

Work life at OBI next

What is it like to work at OBI next?

At OBI next in Cologne, our mindset is clear: we develop new solutions for our customers in an agile, collaborative and adaptive environment. In doing so, we attach great importance to craftsmanship. No one works alone at our company; instead, we organize ourselves into cross-functional teams. We welcome new ideas and approaches. And even if a mistake happens, we use it as an opportunity for further development. Of course, our colleagues help each other when something doesn't quite work out as planned.

What are the working hours like?

We have trust-based working hours. You can organize your day in the way that suits you best. Of course, it is expected that you take important meetings into consideration and schedule them accordingly.

What distinguishes the OBI locations in Cologne and Wermelskirchen?

Basically, we at OBI all work together towards one goal: We want to enable our customers to implement their DIY projects in the best possible way. We want to make everything feasible for them. In Schanzenstraße in Cologne, we mainly have colleagues from the Marketing, Customer & Digital Offer, and Data departments. In Wermelskirchen, we have colleagues from HR, Logistics, Sales and IT, for example. Although we work in separate locations, we are growing closer together in terms of mindset and culture.

What technical equipment will I receive?

When you start, you will receive a MacBook Pro or a Lenovo ThinkPad with Windows. Of course, the most important programs that you need for working are already installed on it. If you need additional programs, we will arrange these for you.

Can I work from home?

We enjoy working together as a team and appreciate seeing each other in person. Working from home is possible in consultation with your manager. During the coronavirus pandemic, we of course allow all employees at the OBI central locations to work from home, insofar as the job allows it.

What are the benefits of working at OBI next?

Attractive office and working atmosphere

Trust-based working hours

Disability insurance and pension plan

Continuing education, coaching and consulting services

Sports offers


15% employee discount

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